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PPI Claims UPDATE 2021:

If you missed the August 29 2019 cut-off date for making your PPI claim, all is not lost. You may still claim, thanks to a Supreme Court ruling in the case of Susan Plevin vs. Paragon Personal Finance.

The gist of the ruling is this; unknown to Susan Plevin, the commission part of her PPI policy (paid to the broker who sold the policy) was a whopping 71% of the policy.

Susan Plevin's argument?

Had she known the commission was so high, she may not have purchased the policy. The Supreme Court ruled in her favour (finding that anything over 50% commisssion was excessive) and set a precedent for future "Plevin" claims. You may have a valid claim due to this ruling.

If you are among the thousands who have been mis-sold a Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) policy (request a FREE Call Back to get your free check carried out) then some relief from financial distress is within your reach. That's because you're entitled to claim PPI due to sadly being a victim of the PPI mis-selling scandal..

Paxton Willis can make sure that you regain not only your rightfully earned money, but also your happiness and peace of mind. By using the team of expert solicitors at Paxton Willis to handle all aspects of your claim, you will save yourself from further heartaches, headaches, and stress springing from the pain of having been subjected to unfair and deceptive sales and marketing strategies that made you lose your hard-earned money. We will carry out a rigorous, thorough, no-obligation investigation on your behalf to uncover any and all PPI policies you may have been mis sold.

Paxton Willis are here to help you confidently recover not only your money, but also any interest charges applicable, as compensation for your pain. Our aim is to make the entire process simplicity itself for you. We want you to truly feel you're dealing with the best PPI claims company in 2021. Be sure not to miss out a second time, if you missed the 29th August 2019 PPI Cut-Off Date.

A Shameful Scandal

In itself, the concept of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) may not entirely be a bad thing. After all, the purpose of a PPI is to act as a safety net for borrowers (e.g credit card users) who would find themselves unable to pay back their loans monthly or as scheduled, either because of sickness/illness, redundancy, disablement, death or other specified situations or hardship that precluded repayment. 

However, acquiring PPI should be based on several factors, which include the following:

  • That the borrower knew what the PPI would cost
  • That the borrower was of the “high risk” type, and that he/she was actually aware of being one
  • That the borrower understood that in case of loan default, any PPI benefits would go to the lender and not to him or her, and
  • That the borrower willingly and voluntarily purchased PPI, with full comprehension of the need to meet eligibility requirements, in order to be covered.

So, based on such factors, the questions now should be:

  1. Did you buy your PPI cover on your own volition?
  2. Were you aware at the time of purchasing the PPI what it would cost, and what you stood to gain from it?
  3. Were you eligible for PPI protection?

If you answered “Yes” to all questions, then there’s no problem, because you willingly decided to have PPI for whatever reason that you had deemed appropriate.

BUT, and this is a big but, if you answered even at least one “No,” then you do have the right to make a PPI claim, because you had been unfairly made to become part of what is now known as the PPI scandal, a shameful saga of charging the unwitting policyholder for worthless insurance policies, which has turned into a nightmare for the lenders who’ve been part of this racket.

Relief At Last, With Paxton Willis

It hurts to be deceived. It is painful beyond reason. So, it is understandable if, right now, you are confused and scared. Are you worried about whom to turn to for advice, fearful about being taken advantage of again?

As someone who has been misled into paying for PPI that has been, and will never be of use to you, either because you were never eligible for it, or you weren’t even aware that you had that kind of insurance – you now deserve only the best attention and dedication to ensuring that you get back the money that is rightfully yours, as compensation.

You need someone to trust, to protect you from further harm and Paxton Willis are here to help you make sense of your situation. To act in your behalf in navigating the process for making a case for PPI compensation, to let you recover your hard-earned money that was taken from you in a very dodgy manner.  Paxton Willis is a company that stands on a massive and solid bedrock of achievement that can be your strength in making your claim. We are specialists in this area. PPI Claims are what we excel at.

Put a Team of Legal Experts to Work On Your Claim

Empathy is at the core of our service and we understand your situation completely. We do not want to waste more of your time and money.  We understand that you have your loved ones to think of, we understand how valuable money is to you and why these are great motivators for your need to recover the money that was wrongly taken away from you.

We understand that you need professional assistance, and that such professional assistance is what can offer. We want to help you recover your confidence and trust in financial systems, once again.

We understand that you may be too busy, or may have some hesitance about facing the very people or institutions that were responsible for your loss.

That’s why Paxton Willis assures you that our claims team can handle everything related to your PPI claim from start to finish, commencing with a FREE, thorough PPI check investigation to see how much you may be owed in refunds.

Once you have engaged our services, you won’t need to do anything on your own towards attending to your PPI case.  More than all of these, however, Paxton Willis understand that time is of the essence.

What You Can Expect from Paxton Willis

Integrity, expertise, and transparency are key values that we practice. It is because of these values that we have become trusted by thousands of clients, many of whom were referrals (the best form of advertisement) from other clients that we have successfully assisted.

We work harder to ensure that we are able to accomplish the following for you:

  1. Recovery of all that you have paid as Payment Protection Insurance premiums
  2. Redress on the remainder of the balance, with any interest attached
  3. 8% statutory interest compensation

And the best part is, we only take a fee when you get your compensation, win your case and have your cash. Some companies charge upfront fees, not after payout. We operate a strict No-Win No-Fee policy. You don’t pay a penny until you’ve been repaid first.

With Paxton Willis, you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Consider our 90% success rate in making PPI claims.

Paxton Willis wants YOU to be a part of our success.

Your successful PPI refund is our claim of professional competence.

So make Paxton Willis your claims solicitors of choice. We're not a claims management company (CMC) but a strictly regulated legal firm so rest assured, your information will remain safe with us. And unlike many claims management companies, we NEVER cold-call. There are hundreds of claims companies operating in this sector but relatively few legal firms. If you're uncomfortable (as many are) in dealing with claims companies, use a firm of solicitors such as Paxton Willis.

Reclaiming’s easy. Simply get in touch (by phone or email – guaranteed spam-free) and request your claim pack (which is a straightforward questionnaire).

Once you receive it, fill in your details, make sure it’s been signed, return to us and we’ll be your official representative in your refund application. You will then receive regular updates from your dedicated case handler whose responsibility will be to keep you informed, step-by-step, on a daily and weekly basis, until you’ve won your case.

Get in touch with us now to start your 100% FREE no obligation PPI check...and we'll start a rapid and comprehensive investigation on your behalf to uncover how much cash you may be entitled to!

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Get FREE no-obligation help, advice and a comprehensive FREE investigation for PPI. We'll rapidly uncover any and every mis-sold PPI cover you have ever held. It's time to reclaim your money!