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​August 29th 2019 is the Last Date to Make Your Claim

​ Over 25,000 Claims Processed.  ​ ​

  • ​​Low 15% Fee On Successful Refund
  • Strictly No Win No Fee
  • No Upfront Fees Ever
  • FREE PPI Check..No Obligation To Claim
  • Free Expert Advice
  • No Hidden Charges..Complete Transparency


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7 Vital Questions to Ask Any PPI Company Before Starting Your Claim.

Before authorising any PPI Claims Management Company to act on your behalf, get the answers to these important questions.

Also, read below to see why we don't need an MoJ license to handle your claim for you!

 The questions [and our answers] are listed here:

  1. How much is your fee? [Our fee is 20% of the refund amount + VAT]*
  2. How much is your upfront fee? [We never charge any upfront fees]
  3. What are your hidden fees? [We have no hidden fees whatsoever]
  4. Do you charge for running a PPI check? [Never. Our PPI checks are 100% FREE]
  5. Will you charge me if I lose my claim? [No. We operate a strict NO WIN NO FEE policy]
  6. Are you registered with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ)? [No, because we are a law firm. Only Claims Management Companies (CMCs) must be registered with the MoJ]
  7. Do you keep clients well updated throughout their claims? [Absolutely! We pride ourselves on efficient and effective communication with our clients]

*The VAT applies to our FEE ONLY, NOT your refund amount.

e.g. your refund is £3000.00.

Our fee would be 20% of £3000.00 which is £600.00

20% VAT would apply to the £600.00 which comes to £120.00.

So our total fee would be £600.00 + £120.00 which comes to £720.00.

In this scenario you would receive £2280.00 after our fees are taken into account.