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Why You May Need Help In Claiming.

Improperly sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is one of the most egregious unethical financial practices of all time, and millions of people are now trying to make a claim in order to get their money back. Unfortunately, many of these claims are being rejected on a regular basis, and some of the rejections are patently unfair.

Here are some reasons why you may need some professional assistance if you were mis-sold PPI:

Many People are Unaware They Were Improperly Sold PPI

So how will you determine that you were improperly sold PPI? There are certain factors, and they include improper sales techniques such as forcing you to buy PPI and not informing you about relevant details concerning the PPI. If these apply to you, then you may have been mis-sold PPI and you don’t even know it.

Then there are also those who didn’t even know that they were actually paying for PPI. This may apply in your case especially if you took out a loan online. Many of these loan agreements had the boxes for PPI already ticked, and you had to tick out in order to not have to include it in your loan package. Many people agreed to a loan agreement unaware that they were also agreeing to pay for PPI.

Complicated Claims Procedures

Since you are filing a complaint with a bank that sold you  mis-sold you the PPI, it’s not hard to figure out that they may not be making it easy for you to make a claim, even though they are supposedly cleaning out their act. For example, one investigation concerning the Lloyd Banking Group revealed that the call center staff assigned to handle PPI complaints were instructed to delay and deny compensation requests in the hope they would be dropped. In many cases, first time complainants were supposed to be rejected because it was unlikely that they would pursue the matter further.

Filing with the Ombudsman

If your claims were rejected by your bank, then your “last” recourse is to go to the Ombudsman. But there are time limits in place (6 months after the rejection) and there are things that can be done to extend that time limit, such as by resubmitting a claim with the bank.

While the Office of the Ombudsman has vowed to help, they are being inundated with complaints. In the first three months of the fiscal year, about two thousand new complaints about improperly sold PPI have been lodged daily. It may take you a long time to successfully get your money back.

Because of all these circumstances, it may be wiser for you to obtain professional assistance in making your PPI compensation claim. By getting some professional assistance, you can be more certain that all the proper procedures are followed and you have all the information you need. Doing so may expedite and accelerate the process, and the assistance you receive may spell the difference between getting the money that you deserve and not getting any money at all. Most of these PPI claims companies are paid through a percentage of your claim, which motivates them to get you as much money as you can get in the fastest way possible. At the very least, you are spared the inconvenience and the frustration of having to do this all by yourself.