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Why You Should Use a PPI Claims Company.

Although many websites, which offer free information about how to reclaim the money lost by clients from mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) assure people that they can do it on their own, not everyone agrees. Many people prefer to let a professional firm act as their advisers and handle their PPI claims for them.

Here are some of the common reasons why:

  • The client no longer wishes to interact with the bank directly. This is quite understandable. After all, how many people can calmly talk and meet with the people who stole money from them. Don’t forget that that’s what the bank actually did—they stole money from their clients.
  • The client isn’t sure of their rights or the proper procedures to go about filing a claim. Many people just can’t keep track of these things, and their inability to do so isn’t unique. This is actually one of the main reasons why so many banks were able to fool millions of people by improperly selling PPI in the first place.
  • The client doesn’t trust that any offer they will receive from the bank is the right amount. Who can blame the client for this lack of trust? On the other hand, since professional handlers are usually paid through a percentage of the money the client receives, the real amount can be calculated properly and the handlers can check if the right amount is offered.
  • The client still owes the lender money and is worried that a PPI reclamation complaint may be a mark against them. Other clients may also be worried that the money won’t go to them directly but instead will be automatically used to reduce their debt. While lenders are not supposed to do this, these people don’t exactly have a sterling record in doing what they’re supposed to do. The claims handler can make sure that the lender behaves
    appropriately on this matter.
  • The client may not fully comprehend the wording of the correspondence from the lenders. This kind of behaviour is par for the courses for these lenders, as many of the PPI complaints stemmed from the fact that the salespeople did not explain the facts about the product clearly. A claims handler can break down the correspondence in such a way that you will understand completely.

In the end, it’s all about trust—or more accurately, it’s all about the lack of trust. The banks were the ones who behaved inappropriately in the first place (“inappropriately” meaning they essentially committed theft), so it’s understandable that many people still don’t like to deal with them and don’t trust them. These feelings are further exacerbated by investigations that some banks are issuing blanket refusals of claims in the hopes that the claimants won’t press the issue.

So if you are a PPI claimant, you need to ask yourself a crucial question: Who do you trust more? The bank that screwed you over (and may still be trying to do so) or the professional claims adviser and handler who makes sure that your claim is properly filed according to all the rules so that you get the money that’s coming to you? Using a professional company definitely has its advantages.